Website Migration for OAR

The NIH Office of AIDS Research (OAR) recently assumed operation and maintenance of the former AIDSinfo/InfoSIDA website and content management system (CMS), formerly a proprietary CMS. SCG established a location on the NIH servers and performed quality control of 2,500 webpages and 3 mobile applications. After receiving the migrated webpages and Drupal CMS, SCG began operation and maintenance (O&M) and launched the new service under the rebranded names HIVinfo and Clinical Info. SCG continues O&M of the web service, content development and maintenance to support updates to the databases and web content, support for scientific panels in the development of clinical guidelines, dissemination activities including email blasts and social media campaigns, and operation of the HIVinfo inquiry response center. SCG supports a variety of client-stakeholder meetings to support the HIVinfo program and proposes innovative solutions to optimize operations.