SCG is a small, woman-owned company established in 1991 that specializes in communicating scientific information to improve the quality of our lives and the environment in which we live. We adhere to seemingly simple principles—we listen to our clients’ needs, develop creative approaches to meet those needs, and implement our strategies cost effectively with unsurpassed passion and dedication to excellence.


Communicating science in compelling ways to inspire positive change.

From our first contracts supporting the National Cancer Institute and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, we have remained true to our vision. Over the past decades, we have expanded our staff and capabilities, gained new clients, and worked diligently to constantly improve the quality of our services. As SCG grew, so did our reputation for quality and integrity. Since 1991, we have been awarded hundreds of contracts to provide health and environmental consulting services to a variety of government and private clients. We now have more than 100 talented, professional staff members who offer our clients a diverse base of experience and expertise in health and environmental sciences.


Partnering with clients to improve public health and environmental quality.

We have cultivated longstanding working relationships with many clients because not only do we believe in their missions, but we also learn how they are organized and function to better help them achieve their goals. We strive to understand the challenges and constraints they face and make it our mission to maximize their impact.

Despite our phenomenal success, SCG has remained intentionally small. Managing our growth enables us to devote more attention to our clients’ needs, rather than constantly marketing ourselves to win the next contract. In addition, it has allowed us to selectively hire the most qualified individuals who complement our existing skill set and can support our clients’ needs. We offer a stable workforce of experienced, exceptionally qualified professionals who believe in SCG’s mission and are committed to delivering superior quality services that enhance the work of the agencies and programs we support.