HIVinfo and Clinicalinfo Websites

What did we develop? SCG provided operations and maintenance support for critical online resources that provide up-to-date HIV/AIDS information tailored to both clinicians and the general public.

What client did we support? Office of AIDS Research (OAR), National Institutes of Health (NIH)

What expertise did we provide? Research, Analysis, and Evaluation; Web, Database, and Information Technology; Strategic Communications and Outreach; Technical/Scientific Writing and Editing; Graphic Design; Section 508 Compliance; Inquiry Response and Information Dissemination

What was the impact? Each of these websites receives millions of page views every year. For Clinicalinfo, a site designed for HIV/AIDS medical professionals, SCG updates and maintains federally approved HIV/AIDS clinical practice guidelines, which are widely used in this country and around the world to care for people with HIV. SCG also curates a definitive HIV/AIDS drug database and glossary. For HIVinfo, the site intended for the general public, SCG curates a variety of plain-language HIV/AIDS resources. SCG staff were recognized with an NIH Office of the Director Honor Award for their support in transitioning these important resources to OAR.